[Morning news with IceManLucky #2]

The patch 6.6 is LIVE in League of Legends!
Read these notes as it is very important to keep an ideea of what champions are nerfed and what champions are buffed.

Quick summary:
– implementation of the new champion Aurelion Sol
– buff Ekko;
– big buff on Jayce
– nerf Kalista heart emoticon
– nerf Lux
– nerf Shyvana
– nerf on runic echoes
– ZZ’rot portal updated

There are no news about the Hextech box on EU servers, but surrender at 20 team let us know that it may be implemented also in this patch. We will see!

Wish you a great day, enjoy your coffee and stay lucky!


PS: Remember that you have a contest on my facebook page! Maybe you want to participate grin emoticon
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